Precision Hole Drilling

Bear Glass PA is known for its superior ability to drill multiple, 100% accurate holes, one of the most technically challenging aspects of working with glass.

At Bear Glass PA we precisely cut and drill holes to the most stringent specifications. Whether you order two pieces of glass or two thousand, we guarantee perfect drill holes every time. Our Bavelloni machine drills perfect holes from both sides of each piece of glass. Diamond impregnated core drills use laser technology to produce a smooth finish in each hole.

We’ve built our reputation by hiring and training highly skilled professionals, some of whom are second generation Bear Glass PA employees and, by staying at the “cutting edge” of glass fabrication technology. Whatever your job, we have the exact machines and a family of expert operators to perform the task.


Bavelloni Drill

  1. VT 1250 Drilling machine with double head. Includes selection of bits.
  2. Glass Thickness Range- 3-25mm
  3. Holes- 4-130mm with both heads
  4. 8 Variable Speeds from 390 to 5250rpm
  5. Automatic device for ejection of glass pieces from the sheet
  6. Laser centering device
  7. Water tank with recycling pump
  8. 1400x220 pneumatic roller table
  9. Inverter

Forvet Drill


Primary Usage: Used to drill and chamfer holes in glass solar panels. 3-19mm thickness range.

Description: Fully automatic milling, drilling and countersinking operations. Two turrets (one top, one bottom) holding 8 tools each with thru-the-spindle coolant. 480V 3 phase electrical.


Horizontal Glass Drill

  1. Hole Diameter Range: .2" - 8.6"
  2. Glass Thickness Range: .1" - .7"
  3. Max Glass Plate Size: 106" x 86"
  4. Working Table Height: 40"
  5. Distance Between Drilling Center To Column: 51"
  6. Hole At Drilling Axis: Taper k=60°
  7. Screw Hole: G1/2
  8. Machine Dimensions: 87"L x 30"W x 67"H
  9. Machine Weight: 2,650 LBS

CNC Drilling & Milling Machine

  1. Forvet F C-8 M 8 Spindle CNC Drilling and Milling machine.
  2. Includes in-feed/out-feed conveyors.
  3. 400V, 50HZ

CNC Vertical Drill & Mill


CNC vertical Drilling, Milling and Notching machine for shower doors.

Vertical CNC drilling/milling machine for automatic production: when teh glas sheet is loaded on the entrance rack, the machine runs teh wor program by making the sheet go forard while the drilling and milling heads move sideways. Glass conveyance is done by means of a system of motorized roller and so it is possible connect the VT1301 to other vertcal machines.

The solutions adopted make this machine ideal for those who need accurate woring, fast and easy use, especially for the production of doors

Set-Up minimized: to reduce set-up time, the NC also control the Z-axis. Automatic fed-back on drill wear

the glass sheet moves by roller; a brushless moor-driven reference pad controlled by the CNc, guarantees correct positioning

Splinder for milling/seaming , connected to elctric motor by transmission belt. Its rotations speed can progressivly change up to 5700 RPM

the drilling heads consist of a mandrel coupled to an electric motor using transmission belts. Rotation speed can be continuosly modified up yo 5000 RPM

Drilling head move with ball bearing screws and guides. Brushless motor

the vertical layout of the machine reduces the space occupied and facilitates the movement of the glass and the containment of water

Machine was de-installed when new Forvet line was purchased.

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