Pattern Glass

By Bear Glass PA

Pattern Glass encompasses many different types of glass. The most common type, is float glass that has been pressed through a roller with a specific pattern during the cooling process, leaving a permanent design on the finished glass. Bear Glass PA offers a vast, growing selection of pattern glasses from the most basic to the truly unique. Contact our in-house designers to discuss your needs.

Pattern Glass from Bear Glass is perfect for a range of residential and commercial applications, enabling architects, builders, and specialty manufacturers to create translucent works of art.

Our extensive product line is divided into four levels of obscurity to assist in your selection:


Our Pattern Glass are in homes, restaurants, casinos, on furniture and in hotels globally. We take pride in every Pattern Glass created and attention to detail is always our first and foremost concern.

Our patterned glass is especially suited for frameless shower doors, but offers possibilities for numerous other interior applications. We carry more than 50 decorative patterns in stock and our global partnerships ensure easy access to hundreds more. Whatever your vision, we can bring it to life.

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