Flawless Edgework and Polishing

Pencil polish, flat polish, miter, bevel, or Ogee -- our skilled operators and precision machinery ensure perfect edges on every piece of glass.

At Bear Glass PA we pride ourselves on our consistently flawless edgework.


This is the shaping or finishing of the edges of a glass surface, usually by grinding with an abrasive wheel. Pencil Polished edge in a Satin finish (also available in clear finish) is the most common type of edgework on mirrors. Although this is not as common on mirrors as it is on glass. Beveled edges can also be applied to any of these edge finishes. See the Beveling section


This is the production, by abrasion, of a sloping edge on the glass sheet which is commonly used on mirror glass. Beveling of mirror edges creates a very elegant and lavish appearance. It is often used for wall and vanity mirrors. The beveling process uses diamond grinding wheels to remove a portion of the glass edge and then uses felt wheels and polishing compound to bring the edge to a shiny clear finish once again. The finished look can really enhance the overall appearance of any project that uses glass or mirror.

Flat Polishing Capablities:

Designers and architects know that a professionally polished, flat edge with arrises truly showcases the beauty of glass. To achieve this high quality finish, Bear Glass PA has imported multiple flat polishing machines from Italy, the heart of the world’s glass machinery industry. Our most recent addition, a 2011 Besana high speed double edger, uses twenty diamond wheels to turn out flat polished glass ready for tempering and glass cube production. With its superb engineering, this highly efficient machine helps us meet even the most stringent lead times.

We also use vertical uprights, ranging from 8 to 11 diamond grinding and polishing wheels, to create flawless mitered glass edge work.

Pencil Polishing:

High production pencil polish is another Bear Glass PA specialty. Our Italian horizontal and vertical pencil polishing machines offer top quality pencil polished edges in a quick turn around time.

Seamed Edge

A seamed edge has been sanded and it may be rough and slightly chipped, but it will not be sharp. It is the most economical edge but it's not recommended if the edges will be exposed.

Double Bevel

The slanted edges of bevels refract light into a rainbow of colors -- both inside the glass, and onto your walls, floors and ceilings. Using bevels in windows, doors, and suncatchers is very popular.

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